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Take the No Spend Challenge!

Can you go 7 whole days without spending any money other than the absolute essentials?

No buying groceries. Just eat what you already have.
No eating out.
No movies.
No shopping.

Can you do 2 weeks??? A month???

Download the ebook “No Spend Challenge” HERE and find out how the author took on this challenge. At the time this was posted, this books is free if you have an Amazon Prime membership. 


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FF part 1

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Dave Ramsey

Crown Financial

Debt Proof Living by Mary Hunt


CHALLENGE: For the next 2 weeks, track every dollar that you spend to see where your money is going. Assign categories to your spending. e.g. Groceries, Eating Out, Gas, etc. Record this anyway that works best for you. Could be with pen & paper or use tracking app such as Spending Tracker. It’s super simple & FREE!

NOTE: You won’t be sharing this info with the group. It is only for your own benefit.

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Spending Tracker app


FF part 1

Watch session 2 HERE.


Theres always a possum


FF PPT for session 2

The Latte Factor® is based on the simple idea that all you need to do to finish rich is to look at the small things you spend your money on every day and see whether you could redirect that spending to yourself. Putting aside as little as a few dollars a day for your future rather than spending it on little purchases such as lattes, bottled water, fast food, cigarettes, magazines and so on, can really make a difference between accumulating wealth and living paycheck to paycheck.

We don’t even realize how much we’re actually spending on these little purchases. If we did think about it and change our habits just a little, we could actually change our destiny.



“I’m in debt up to my eyeballs.” Stanley Johnson


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The Financial State of America

“Be above average.” – Ruthie Painter


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You can wander into debt



13-Ways-to-Save-for-your-Emergency-Fund  by Crown Financial


I Surrender All by Brian Littrell