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Throughout 2019 my pastor taught on “simple church” and the four foundational corners in which to build our lives upon — prayer, worship, learning and sharing.

I believe sharing your testimony is the key foundational point for a believer.

My tongue will proclaim your righteousness, your praises all day long. Psalm 35:25

As someone with a “roadmap” of scars on one leg and a “pot hole” on the other, I’m reminded of the day when a precocious three-year-old neighbor boy looked at me and asked, “Why is there a hole in your leg”? I remember his mother being so embarrassed that he would ask such a question and trying to shush him from speaking.  Of course, I gave him a simple answer without including words like car accident, cancer or surgeries.

I find myself giving the abbreviated version of all that I’ve been through, thinking people really don’t want to hear my story or they don’t have time to listen.  But, when I do that I’m leaving out the journey that the Lord has led me on and through.

Why then are we so terrified of showing our scars or asking anyone about theirs? Scar-sharing brings resurrection.  Whether it’s a physical scar or emotional scar, it’s never ugly. That is what the scar makers want us to think. We must see all scars as beauty…. Because take it from me, a scar does not form on the dying.

A scar means, I survived.

It’s so sad that some label Thomas as “doubting Thomas,” but ignore the fact that he is also “willing-to-die-with-Jesus Thomas.” What is the ironic point of the story? Could it be that scar-sharing is the solid foundation for any authentic friendship? That no one really knows who we are until we are brave enough to show our scars to them? That the people who have put their fingers and eyes on our scars and still stick with us anyway, are the people who understand best how to love us?

Thomas’ story teaches us all of these lessons and more. Those people in your life who accept and name suffering, for the wounding thing it actually is, are the only people who can ever override the fear of walking with you down all life’s paths of pain. Only people who believe your wounds are real in the first place can ever imagine placing their wounds next to yours.

On the cross, Jesus’ story of woundedness is next to yours.

“Go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you.” So, he went all through the town proclaiming the great things Jesus had done for him.” Luke 8:39

Susan Taylor


Susan Taylor


Susan Taylor

Susan values her relationship with Jesus, her family, and friends.  She loves the outdoors and enjoy running and biking.

She married her high school sweetheart, Jeff, 33 years ago.  They have two lovely daughters, and an awesome son-in-law, and two babies in heaven.

They have endured some tough times throughout their lives, but God is great and He is worthy of our praise and adoration.  Susan is thankful for His abundant and most precious mercy and grace.

She is the Office Administrator at Covenant Life Church in Hagerstown, Maryland.  She also serves with the Children’s Ministry and mentors young women.   She loves children and has a passion for teaching them how loved they are by God.

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