A Prayer for Your Plan

Let’s welcome guest writer: Christa Hutchins. She shows you how to have a prayer for your plan in this incredible blog.


To plan or not to plan?  That is the question we struggle with as Christians.

The same Bible that says “A wise man thinks ahead” also says “Live one day at a time.”  No wonder we are sometimes confused.  Which are we supposed to do?

The simple answer is “Both.”

James gives us a little bit of direction:

Look here, you people who say, ‘Today or tomorrow we are going to such and such a town, stay there a year, and open up a profitable business.’ How do you know what is going to happen tomorrow? For the length of your lives is as uncertain as the morning fog—now you see it; soon it is gone. What you ought to say is, ‘If the Lord wants us to, we shall live and do this or that.’ Otherwise you will be bragging about your own plans, and such self-confidence never pleases God.” James 4:13-16 (TLB)

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Christa Hutchins has a degree in Chemical Engineering, she has worked for a global engineering and construction contractor for over 25 years, leading teams on large and small projects, in multiple locations, on several continents.

Christa volunteers for Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies. She serves on the Executive Team for Online Bible Studies as the Coordinator of Reality.

She resides in South Louisiana and is CEO of “Do A New Thing” whose purpose is to help you in moving your God-dream from vision to action. Check it out: http://www.doanewthing.com



Several months ago I was asked to write a post about this subject after someone saw a FB post I wrote.   This is what I wrote…

Choosing Joy for me has to be an intentional effort. For some reason it is a real struggle for me despite having a wonderful husband and kids, and family, and most of all a God who loves me. It is so easy to give in to the voices in my head that tell me I am not enough and give in to comparison and question the intentions of those around me. My heart aches despite the good in my life and those questions stifle my joy. So, this year I am doing my best to give it all to God and not care even if the “voices” are right and CHOOSE JOY. So, I believe this song will be on repeat for a while, because if nothing else it makes me smile and makes me want to dance.

The song I shared is “Joy” by the group For King and Country.

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Meandering through Weariness!

Welcome guest writer, Carol Cool!


I told a coworker on Friday I was weary. Not just tired, weary, stripped bare. And then a dear friend went from perfectly fine on Friday night to emergency surgery Saturday night, so we spent 6 hours that evening in hospital waiting rooms with his wife and kids. By the time church was over on Sunday, the weariness was physical, mental, and spiritual. I felt dried out, wrung out.

But I only had 2,500 steps in. I shoot for 10,000.

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Carol Cool lives in Lancaster County. She’s a pastor’s wife, a mom and grandmother. She has authored 100+ articles for a variety of national and international magazines. She is a copywriter and author of the book, “Finding Balance in the Circus of Life”. Carol will be the guest speaker at our Day Retreat on September 21, 2019.

Tips to Making “the Connection” in Women’s Ministry!

We are excited to have Katie Seilhamer as a guest writer this week.


I’m always encouraging ladies to join local women’s ministry projects in their communities. Being part of something bigger than yourself, building new friendships, and growing in Christ are all essential tools for Christian women.

Here’s what I recommend you look for in a Women’s Ministry:

Check out Katie’s top 4 tips HERE

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Katie Seilhamer is a busy wife and mom of four young children. Her mission is to help other women find who God designed them to be, and teach them to be intentional about it. She is the author of the Finding Her book series which is available on Amazon. Visit Katie’s website to learn more: http://www.finding-her.com

The Monster Inside of Me


Why is it that society has made depression and anxiety so taboo?  Does it mean I am weak? Does it mean that I lack faith? Is it my fault? Am I the one to blame?  I have mastered walking about my day with a smile on and cheery eyes. People would never know that deep down inside I have this vicious cycle going on. My head races with everything I am not and the things that I can not get done…I am not worthy nor am I good enough.  My heart sinks with a heavy black cloak because I am so hard on myself and can never reach the potential that my head says I need to be at. The two together create a verge of ADHD that keeps me bouncing and never on task and between exhausted and hyper-emotional.

It takes a moment, or sometimes a few days, to remember to breath.  Slow down!

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On Parenting, Life Phases, and Living in the Moment

We want to welcome guest write, Jen Roland.


Last night, my family returned home from the beach.  For the first time, I finished an entire book on vacation.  I didn’t pack swim diapers or pull-ups.  We even left the baby stroller at home.  Instead of taking my 4 year-old for a ride on my early morning runs, my daughter joined me, excited to be my “workout buddy” while the younger two played at the condo until everyone else woke up.

As I watched my kids play in the surf, I was hit with the realization that my oldest will be nine next month.  Now 4, 6, and 8, my kids are growing up fast.  They don’t need me nearly as much as they used to.

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You Will Never Truly Understand {until it happens to you}

We’re excited to have Laura Acuna as a guest writer this week.


There are some things you just can’t know until you experience them. You think you know, but really you do not. Ultimately, you have to go through the journey yourself to truly understand.

Losing my mother has been this way for me.

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Don’t Miss Jesus in the Mundane

We’re excited to have Isabella Morganthal as a guest writer this week.  Isabella’s message gets your heart and mind in tune and looking for Jesus.  Take some time to read.  Enjoy!


When I was fourteen, I remember attending a Christian music festival that impacted my life in many ways.

Every year since then I have continued to attend the festival. The worship, the life-changing messages, and the experience of it all made me feel like I was standing on top of a mountain, and not just the one I was literally standing upon. The worshipful nights of singing about our Creator while the sun would set behind the stage always made God feel so close like you could almost touch Him. His presence felt so near.

But the festival always ended.

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There’s always a possum.


This spring Ruthie and I led a study on finances. We had the best time meeting new friends and getting to know “old” friends better. And we learned a lot from each other about how to do better with our money.

One of the lessons was about contentment. You know, appreciate what you have and not being envious of someone that appears to “have it all”. The conversation quickly went to social media.

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