Are you thinking about starting a ministry but don’t know where to begin?


Have you begun but are struggling to know how to handle XYZ?


Are you finding that there is a shortage of books on Christian leadership? Especially ones written by women? And even more difficult to find – one for community-based ministries?


“Let’s Get Together: The story of a unique women’s ministry” is what you’ve been looking for! Written by The Connection’s co-founder, Mandy Hood, this book tells the amazing story of how God used ordinary women to begin an extraordinary ministry that has grown to bless thousands – not only in their small rural town but across the country and around the world.  


In “Let’s Get Together”, you will find out how they did it, lessons learned and hints and tips to help you follow your God-given dream of creating a ministry or non-profit.


Some of the topics covered are:

  • The most important first steps.
  • Handling conflicts.
  • Balancing it all.
  • Fundraising.
  • Giving your money away – yes, give it away!   

 Why read this book? 

  • Be entertained by this uplifting God story.
  • Be inspired to build your own ministry.
  • Be educated in what to do AND what not to do.
  • Be encouraged to know that God can use you to do infinitely more than you could hope for or imagine.   

 Who is this book for?

  • Anyone beginning or considering beginning a ministry.
  • Anyone that leads a community-based ministry and is wondering if they are the only ones out there.
  • Anyone that has a calling that seems too big for them.
  • Anyone that loves a good God story – isn’t that everyone?! 

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